Guaranteed, Verifiable Quality

Others claim to be organic/natural/best, but have no proof. We perform periodic microbial testing of our produce for Antibiotics, Pesticide, Quality and Nutrition.

Our eggs are near-Organic

Near-Organic is a loosely used term, the intention is to say we are as good as an organic product except that the product is not certified. The process for organic certification is tedious, very challenging and time consuming, especially for eggs. We are working on it but not there yet.

We have been producing near-Organic eggs for 10 plus years

So, we know the process, but are continuously working to improve on it and make them better

Farm fresh, delivered within 48 hours

Nutritional value is lost over time, so the quicker it’s eaten, the more nutrients that can be gained from it

We pay premium prices to farmers for their produce

We avoid middlemen and pass on the savings to Farmers and Consumers

Not all eggs are created equal

Make sure to get your eggs from a quality and verifiable source.

We source from our own farms & farmers we trust

Giving you peace of mind knowing who is growing your food and how it is being grown

Socially Responsible

We are just getting started but have committed ourselves to be socially responsible and do our part to contribute a share of our profits to local charities and non-profits.

Are Brown Eggs Really Healthier Than White Eggs?

No Real Difference

The color of an egg is not an indicator of quality. When it comes to taste and nutrition, there is no difference between white and brown eggs. They may somehow seem more “natural” because of the brown hue, but brown eggs simply come from a different breed of chicken than white eggs do, there are no nutritional differences between brown and white eggs. Any large egg has about 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals.
Eggs nutritional content is determined by hen’s diet, so next time you’re buying eggs, don’t judge an egg by its color, find out what the farmer fed the hen that laid it.

Our Packaging

Our new and unique packing boxes provides compact design by adapting to standard egg structure, allowing egg to move in the box and protect from possible breakage and waste. Packing has been designed keeping color and text legibility for easy readability.
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