The Problem

There are two sides to a transaction, the consumer side and the supplier side, consumer is not getting access to the best, healthiest produce possible that is fresh (“KNOW YOUR FOOD”).
On the supply side, we are not giving majority of the funds to actual growers of our food. On an average farmer just gets 20 to 30 percent of what the consumer spends and that is not enough for the farmer to be always profitable and continue to produce quality food (“KNOW YOUR FARMER”).

Our Story

We are a group of active farmers, young and old. Some of our parents are still active farmers. We studied and spent a good amount of time growing up in our villages. Following the flock, we moved on to cities for education and opportunities, we studied hard and went on to work for the corporate world, within India and abroad, still keeping in touch with family and friends back home. Over the years we have seen a lot of changes all around us, but the condition of farmers has not kept up with time, this is mainly due to poor remuneration they get for their produce. We are a little tired of this same old process with layers of middlemen, Thinking Back to the Roots, wanted to do something about it, so we decided to sell our and other farmers produce directly to consumers and pass on margins to the farmers. We will work with them to put in quality procedures and make sure anything we sell will be of assured quality. We will provide means for your families to trace back your food to your farmer. We guarantee Honest food, Honest work, Honest pay, and Honest Farmers.

Our Farmers

Krishna Reddy

All HonestO eggs come from Mr. Krishna Reddy’s farm (SKR Farms) . He has been a farmer for life, starting with 200 chickens in his village 30 years ago. His energy for farming is un-ending and his focus on quality is priority one. Sustainable and chemical free farming is his passion

Veena Reddy

She is the engine that keeps the farm going, running a family is a fulltime job these days but she is an expert at balancing family and farm, not only coordinating through farm challenges she is great at understanding people and leveraging everyone’s strength


Still young and already a fulltime farmer for 20 plus years. His curiosity for alternate farming has taken him to countries across the world, learning best practices from others and trying them out at his farm. He is an active paddy, fruits and vegetable grower.


Having an engineering degree and working abroad didn’t stop him from going back to the farm, he enjoys applying his technical background to solve today’s farm challenges, being a people’s person, he doesn’t hesitate to help neighbouring farmers with their everyday problems. He is an active fruits and vegetables grower


Working with corporate world for decades has only made his resolve stronger to provide a better environment for farmers and agriculture. Applying his management skills to connect farmers to markets to consumers is his number one goal. He is an active farmer growing fruits and flowers.
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