Hailing from farming families, it often pains to see the plight that farmers go through on a continuous basis. Although we are not personally pursuing the craft of farming, we still feel the pinch from what we see.

With that said and a mission to bring about a change, Honestofarms is on a mission to connect the farmers directly to the consumers and help consumers know their food and know their farmer!

HonestOEggs are near-Organic

We are not certified Organic yet, but we do follow and use organic farming principles

Guaranteed, Verifiable Quality

We perform periodic Microbial testing of our produce for Antibiotics, Pesticide, Quality and Nutrition.

Farm fresh, delivered within 48 hours

Nutritional value is lost over time, so the quicker it’s eaten, the more nutrients that can be gained from it

We pay premium prices to farmers for their produce

We avoid middlemen and pass on the savings to Farmers and Consumers

We source from our own farms & farmers we trust

Giving you peace of mind knowing who is growing your food and how it is being grown

Socially Responsible

We are just getting started but have committed ourselves to be socially responsible and do our part to contribute a share of our profits to local charities and non-profits.
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